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Strategies from the Best Creators of Real Estate Listing Videos

If you’re looking for a real estate professional who creates great real estate listing videos, you’re in the right place.

Our Real Estate Video Influencers project presented by Tom Ferry includes the top 10 real estate Listing Video.

See them all in this post!

​​​​​​​Tom Ferry Talk’s about our Listing Video Winners and what they do differently in the video below.

Download our complete guide to the Real Estate Video Influencers project – loaded with rankings, examples, and education to help you make the most of video in your real estate business.

1. Jesse Peters

Jesse Peters Team | RE/MAX One Group | Winnipeg, MB

Jesse ranked high in the All Around category last year but, due to his commitment to producing superb listing videos, he landed himself here as the winner in the Listing Videos category. When you watch Jesse’s listing videos, you might guess it’s a TV show due to the high quality production and excellent editing style. JESSE IS HIGH ENERGY AND PERSONABLE. You won’t just want an in-person tour of the home he’s featuring – you’ll want to have him as your realtor. As he describes the home, he’ll often list off a number of features you’ll want to hear about, keeping each video on track. By going through numbered points, you don’t get bored or uninterested during the video. You wait to hear every point he has to say.

2. Amber Anderson

Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty | La Jolla, CA

Amber is in the luxury market, consistently creating charming, artfully crafted listing videos. She narrates every video with helpful, easily forgotten information that other agents might fail to communicate. We noticed that she touches on a lot of different points in order to pique the interest of many different buyers. The very best part about Amber’s listing videos is that you don’t feel like she’s just talking to you about a home, you feel like she’s describing to you a piece of art in a museum. SHE KEEPS YOUR ATTENTION THE WHOLE VIDEO AND HELPS YOU REALLY FALL IN LOVE with not just the main features, but the little details as well.

3. Amy Youngren

North Group, Keller Williams | Toronto, ON

Amy is not only consistent in her listing videos, she also tells a compelling story in each one. SHE HELPS YOU FEEL CONNECTED TO THE STORY OF THE HOME, making the home even more appealing. It’s easy to imagine what life could be like in the home. When you watch Amy’s videos, you’ll learn about what the previous owners loved about living there. Buyers who relate to the previous owners will be likely to fall in love with the home due to Amy’s ability to tell real stories in her videos.

4. Justin Pekarek

Stockworth Realty Group | Orlando, FL

Justin excels at including every part of the home in his well thought-out videos. He helps the viewers feel like they’ve spent the afternoon exploring the home, even though they haven’t stepped foot inside. Justin is also excellent at helping viewers easily visualize all the potential the home has. If the home is empty during filming, Justin will include previous photos of the house fully furnished so you can easily picture just how big everything is. HE HAS EVEN ESTABLISHED HIMSELF AS AN INDUSTRY EXPERT by creating tip videos for his YouTube channel that help other agents when it comes to perfecting their listing videos.

5. Tami Halton Pardee

Halton Pardee & Partners | Venice, CA

There are countless reasons to love and enjoy Tami’s listing videos! Apart from the superior production, TAMI IS PERSONAL AND KNOWLEDGEABLE IN HER VIDEOS, helping you get all the information you could possibly want. She goes into how the house was built and in some of her videos she will even show shots of similar homes being built. During these shots, she explains the benefits of how the home was built, really showing her knowledge of the home and the community. Her videos not only showcase the home itself, but also her expertise as a realtor.

6. Brian Ladd

The Ladd Group | Bend, OR

When you watch a listing video by Brian Ladd, you feel like you’ve climbed within your computer screen and are walking through the home alongside him. Brian starts off introducing himself in a warm and welcoming way, encouraging you to continue watching the tour. Right off the bat, BRIAN FEELS BOTH KNOWLEDGEABLE AND TRUSTWORTHY. In each listing video he shares, Brian walks through every part of the home, helping you get the most realistic idea possible of the home’s interior. What he achieves through his videos isn’t easy, which is why he deserved a spot here in the Listing Videos category.

7. Patrick Lilly

CORE, The Patrick Lilly Team | New York, NY

Patrick Lilly really stands apart from his competitors due to his smart, unique style. HIS VIDEOS ARE WELL STRUCTURED AND HAVE A UNIQUE FLAIR. Every house he films feels special due to his unusual descriptions, cool music, unique camera angles, and stylish editing. He shows off the neighborhood along with the home, making the listing even more attractive to viewers. He’s doing listing videos right and he leaves you wanting to see more of the home.

8. Raj Qsar

The Boutique Real Estate Group | Brea, CA

When you watch Raj’s videos, you feel like you’re watching a mini film. He includes actors and uses a professional video crew. The goal of each film is not to show you every single little detail of the home, but to help you feel attached to the home by telling a story. By the end of each listing video, you want to live the life of the actors in the video. They’re luxurious and they’re adventurous. EACH VIDEO GIVES YOU A SENSE OF WHAT LIFE COULD BE LIKE IN THE HOME. This sets Raj apart.

9. Tim Smith

The Smith Group | Coldwell Banker | Newport Beach CA

Tim’s videos are over-the-top cinematic, each one including a unique storyline. He highlights a lot of large, luxury market homes, but he finds ways to highlight each one differently based on the story he’s telling. Whether the story is funny or inspiring, YOU FEEL LIKE YOU’RE WATCHING A MOTION PICTURE that includes actors living out their lives in the home. Tim’s strategy is different from other realtors. Where else can you find a listing video that includes martial arts fighting and could be easily confused as a trailer for a new spy movie?

10. David Smith

David Smith Homes | Royal LePage Wolstencroft | Langley, BC

Though David has only been doing his listing videos for a little over a year, HE IS KILLING IT WITH THE PRODUCTION AND CONSISTENCY. By the end of his listing videos, you don’t just feel like you know about the home. You feel like you’ve walked through the neighborhood and taken a stroll through the nearest park. You know the nearby shopping and attractions. David ends each video at either a coffee shop, restaurant, or brewery that is near the home, enjoying some food or drink while he sums up the video.

Honorable Mentions

11. Dawn McKenna

Dawn McKenna Group | , IL

Dawn McKenna is regularly posting listing videos. She introduces every home she lists and you can feel her excitement about the home as she describes it. If you chose her as your agent, you can count on her to create a beautiful listing video for your home.

12. Dan Forsman

Berkshire Hathaway | Atlanta, GA

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices does a very professional job filming and editing their listing videos. They’re consistent with their production style and they beautifully showcase every part of the home.

13. Sergio Gonzalez

SG Associates | Westlake Village, CA

Sergio’s listing videos feel like an HGTV show due to the amazing production quality. He’s great at including shots of the little details so you can see all the beauty of the home.

14. Andrew Undem

Sure Sales Group, RE/MAX | Baltimore, MD

Andrew stands out for his lengthy home tours that are extremely informative. When you’re interested in a home, you want to get as many details as you can. Andrew makes sure you know those details before you even see the home in person.

15. Dave Chung

Compass | Winnetka, IL

When you go to Dave’s YouTube channel, you’ll find an array of listing videos with consistent quality. Dave uses the name “Digital Open House” for his informative listing videos.

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