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The village of Wilmette is considered one of the most desirable villages of Chicago's North Shore.

With its proximity to the city, excellent schools, diverse architecture, access to beaches and well-manicured lawns, it is easy to understand why. The community boasts scores of business homes and a good variety of business and services. Wilmette is also home to one of the finest school districts in the nation, and has an extensive park district, which illustrates dedication to the families who live there.

The Wilmette Harbor is a haven for pleasure boating; in fact, a sunny summer day sees the lake filled with colorful sails. The beaches are a major attraction, and the community is extremely proud of its beach, the longest and one of the most popular ones in the area. Also, on the lakefront is an outdoor arena at Gilson Park, which holds numerous programs including live theater and musical entertainment.

The lake is not Wilmette’s only recreational opportunity. The village also has two public and two private golf courses, two indoor ice rinks, a large outdoor pool, a variety of athletic fields and 19 public parks. The Baha’ i Temple is the community’s crowning landmark, drawing tourists from all over the world to its lakeside location. The design of the nine-sided domed temple took 40 years to complete. It is surrounded by nine flower gardens and nine fountains. Wilmette’s eastern section features an antique street lighting system, which was installed in 1925 using green cast-iron poles with ornamental luminary. This charming feature, along with its cobblestone streets, gives Wilmette a glowing link with its past.