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Hinsdale is one of Chicago's most coveted luxury neighborhoods and a premier destination for families.

The Village of Hinsdale was named one of Chicago’s Top 12 Suburbs by Chicago Magazine, and is a modern village that’s big on tradition. Visitors may notice how much quieter Hinsdale is compared to other neighborhoods, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. There might be a 51st annual Christmas Walk, but there are also a wide variety of shops, restaurants, boutiques, a farmer’s market usually from June-October, wellness services and spas, and as you might imagine, a very active chamber of commerce.

Hinsdale’s “village” status lends itself to the kind of established, quiet community you might expect, but with a stylish and contemporary influence. This comes out in the properties of Hinsdale as well. Many of the homes in this area have a traditional look (strong Tudors and American styling), but some designs in this area have a more modern, artsy bent to them.