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Glencoe began as an experiment in building the “perfect suburb”. Residents would agree that the experiment was an unmitigated success.

Alexander Hammond, a retired physician and farmer from Rockford, led the quest to create a village with parks, homes and streets following the natural and beautiful topography of the land. The principals that shaped Glencoe are still evident today. Strict zoning helps to maintain the spaciousness of the community, which reminds one more of a forest preserve than a suburb of a major metropolitan area. The central business district of the village is dotted with small boutiques, cafes and a variety of professional services. 

It is shielded from the many of the trappings of urban life (expressways, for example) by forest preserves, the Chicago Botanical Gardens and dense growth of trees. Outdoor activities are popular in the community, which boasts a nicely maintained beach, boating slips at the Wilmette Harbor and two nature sanctuaries.

The district operates 18 parks, two outdoor ice rinks, two community centers, tennis courts, three golf courses, and bicycle/ jogging paths. Housing: The village has a mix of housing styles that include traditional two-stories, Tudors, Colonials and Georgians.